Java Development Kit 10.0.2

Free kit for compiling and running Java applications in the Java programming language

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    Windows XP / Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8.1

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Java Development Kit 10.0.2
Java Development Kit

Java Development Kit is a suite of programming software based on the Java language. It includes a number of vital elements that you'll need in order to create your own Java apps.

If you want to program with any type of computer language, you'll need a solid idea of what the final product will look like, a good knowledge of the syntax of the language you're using, and a text editor. You also need a separate app called a compiler that essentially alters the code into a useable app. The Java Development Kit includes all these basic tools and a number of more advanced functions as well.

Most programmers are familiar with Java to a certain degree simply because of the popularity of the coding language, and the JDK, or Java Development Kit, is the only official method for producing Java programs. There are, of course, third-party development kits for the language as well, but even amongst all the competitors, the official Java Development Kit is still one of the most used and widely praised options. There is a graphical IDE, but you have to download and install it separately, which is a bit annoying.

The Java Development Kit includes one tool that's completely essential if you want to develop a number of specific program varieties based in Java, and that tool is the Java Virtual Machine. There are also several other useful tools in the kit, like the Java bytecode compiler, javac, the jbd debugger, disassembler class, and javap. To find these tools, locate the subdirectory bin in the Java Development Kit. These tools, along with many more, are stored there.

It's hard to say if complete novices will have any ability to deal with this software. Without any solid experience in the Java coding language, the JDK will be exceptionally difficult to control. If you have someone to teach you the language as you go, you'll be much better off, and there are a number of example codes and full app demos inside the kit. Unfortunately, if you're on your own and have no experience, the kit may be a bit over your head.

However, if you have thorough experience with Java and consider yourself an advanced or expert coder, the JDK is something you shouldn't miss. The coding tool is simple compared to others in the same category, and it comes with all the functions you'll need to produce amazing content. All it takes is a bit of creativity from those who have mastered the language.

The newest version of this software, the Standard Edition 7 Development Kit, is an excellent update on the earlier versions of the platform. Most of the functional areas have received notable enhancements and additional features, and the entire suite has been streamlined for optimal utility. The Java developer's site contains a full list of the repaired bugs, operational changes, and improvements that have been included.


  • Examples and Demos
  • Simple UI
  • Thoroughly Documented


  • Requires Separate Graphical Environment Download
  • Difficult Navigation For Beginners

The Java Development Kit (JDK) is a free collection of tools that allows anyone to start writing programs for the Java platform. The basic download includes the Java runtime executable, the core libraries for the language and the Java compiler to turn human-readable files into bytecode. Installation is done through a simple wizard. The only thing users have to do is choose what packages to install and where the kit should go. The installer also checks for updates immediately. This is important since minor version updates of Java seem to come out relatively frequently.

The first thing most people will notice is that the installation does not add any new executables to the desktop or start menu. This is because the Java Development Kit contains only command-line tools. This means users have to open a console window and move to the directory where the program was installed. Commands need to be entered from the command line in order to compile a program or use one of the other tools. This is easily remedied by downloading an integrated development environment, although one is not included with the development kit.

An issue to be aware of is that some system changes might be necessary after installing the development kit. Java looks to the classpath variable in order to see where executables and libraries are located. People who are used to working through a visual development environment might be unfamiliar with how to add Java to the classpath. Instructions are included on the main Java website by Oracle, although it would have been nice to include the instructions in the download.

The Java Development Kit is one of the most complete packages for creating applications that can be downloaded for free today. The package includes nearly every library necessary to write network applications and servers, web-based applets and programs accessing relational databases. It also includes a number of command-line tools that make it easy to compile jar files for distribution and to create automated technical documentation for source files. The package includes advanced monitoring and performance measuring tools like JConsole. Developers will find everything needed to create basic and advanced applications within the toolkit.

One of the main advantages of the Java Development Kit is that it is easy to learn. Experienced developers can quickly learn the language since the syntax is similar to other languages like C. People who are new to programming will enjoy the high-level nature of the language. The class names and keywords used in Java are simple to understand. Java is also one of the most popular languages in the world and is used to write apps for mobile devices, desktop systems and custom electronics. The Java Development Kit is a good download for anyone who wants to start programming today.


- Everything is included to create Java programs

- Installation and updates are very easy

- The kit is completely free


- Only command-line tools are included

- Configuration can be confusing at first

- No tutorials in the download

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